My Anthologies

A collection of six short stories of the paranormal. A woman's compulsion to cut takes her into her worst nightmare... A young couple discover there is something strange living in their greenhouse... A vampire shows a stripper there is life after death... AND MORE!

Available to buy from Amazon and Barnes & Noble at only $2.99!

Now available to buy from Amazon for $2.99.

A teenage girl living with a horrific birthmark down one side of her face discovers the cure may be worse than the affliction in ‘Stained’.
A team of men digging the channel tunnel hit a coffin-like box buried deep under the ocean. Will opening it unleash the end of mankind? ‘The Tunnel’.
A drug addict wakes to find herself trapped in a room of her worst nightmare, in ‘The Tortured Room’.
A young girl suffering abuse at the hands of her father find solace in a porcelain doll, but the doll is out for revenge, in ‘Adeline’.
A woman suffering the loss of her husband in a car accident discovers her reality isn’t all it seems in ‘The Sickness of Grief’.
A hitchhiker gets the lift from hell in ‘Thumbing it.’

Six short stories of horror; ghosts, vampires and demonic dolls. This collection total 25K in length or approximately 65 pages. Several of these stories have been previously published in the anthologies, ‘Masters of Horror: Damned if you Don’t’; ‘Their Dark Masters: Extreme Vampire Horror’; ‘Demonic Dolls: Satan’s Toybox’.

Featuring my short story, After the Revelation, 2013: The Aftermath is a post apoloclyptic anthology and is available to buy here!

We've all heard the theories about 2012. Some say a change is coming; others say we are all doomed. But what happens next? How will humankind adapt to this new Earth? Join us as we take a journey through the end of days and peer into the minds of those who survived it. Some try to save mankind from darkness, some give in to their animal instincts; some search for salvation, others defend their lives against post-apocalyptic mutants. When all you've ever known is gone in the blink of an eye, what would you do?

Featuring my short story, The Tunnel, about a group of workers digging the Channel Tunnel and unearthing something that could mean the end to man-kind...
It's available to buy from Amazon!

When vampires have outlasted eternity, their dark masters will rise from their ancient slumber. What evil games will they play? Find out in these fourteen tales of dread by Lee Hughes, Brian K. Ladd, Lily Childs, Erik Boman, Paul Anderson, Erin Cole, Gregory Miller, Marissa Farrar, Henry Brasater, Tyree Campbell, Rebecca L. Brown, Barry J. Northern, and Mark Anthony Crittenden, and featuring the art of Marie-Claire Graham. Warning: horror content is extreme

And finally, Masters of Horror: Damned If You Don't, is coming soon!

Some of the darkest horrors are those that we choose to inflict on ourselves. In the hands of the MASTERS OF HORROR, the evils of drug use, alcoholism, scarification, obesity and obsession have been amplified into bloodcurdling cautionary tales…

Featuring my story, The Tortured Room...