Pre-made Covers for Sale!

I've been dabbling around with photomanipulation digital art for a while now (click here for my page on Deviantart). I've always found the designing of my covers to be one of the things I've really loved about self-publishing, though for a long time I didn't have the skills to be able to achieve what I wanted, so employed someone with far more talent than me to create a professional cover.

Now my skills have finally caught up and so I've decided to start offering some of my work for sale. Even though these are premade covers, once you have bought the cover I will not offer it for sale to any one else. I only ask that I am able to continue to display the cover to show off my work.

I am happy to make minor changes for free, such as change in font colour, size, or placement. Any bigger changes will be charged at $10 per change, though this will of course be discussed with you beforehand. I can provide the covers in whatever size is needed. If you are interested in any of these covers, or would like to discuss other options with me, then please email me at marissafarrar at hotmail dot co dot uk.

Fantasy/YA covers $50.00

Romance/Erotica covers $50.00

Sold covers:

Author wanted to add own fonts to image.

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